Nina Pendred, Editor

 UK Magazine.

You’re bloody marvelous and we all love you over here in England.

K. Williamson

We don’t have workshops here in the UK, Derrel, they simply wouldn’t have a draw of people.     You certainly changed out minds on that, when 180 people came to your hypnosis and handwriting workshop.  


The X-files interviewed Derrel Sims, The Alien Hunter, for the Movie “The X-files”…They said, quote:  Mr. Sims...if there was a Mulder, it would be you...." 

Art Bell

Coast To Coast

"Sims is the finest UFO investigator, bar none! ''ART BELL, INTERVIEW WITH THE ALIEN HUNTER IN 1996.

Dr. Jesus M. Saavedra M.D.

Academics degrees are important, but not more than experience and the good will to help others.  For me, you are much more than FULL PHYSICIAN and if you authorize me I will continue calling you Dr. Sims.    Please excuse my English, I always had some struggle with it, more when is in writing .  Thanks again for all of your kindliness forwarding all that vital information.  I am sure that we shall continued in  touch.