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  • Sims addresses doctors

    Derrel Sims addresses doctors and surgeons and medical staff at John Muir medical hospital 1994 (this is an AMA, continuing education, paid program, on" medical complications of alleged human alien contact: Implants”)
  • Alamogordo, new Mexico, 1960

    First Implantee I know of, me, Derrel Sims, at age 12 !
  • Houston Texas, 1986

    Patricia is three implants in her feet. She was the patient/ subject of the first of two surgeries performed in 1995.
  • Biological coverings

    Here's what the objects look like still in the biological cocoon’s. The Biological coverings were even more exciting then the implants. According to a Nobel laureate: “Mr. Sims if you can replicate the biological non-inflammatory response, in a laboratory. Organ donor rejection could be pase. You may already have a Nobel laureate find! "
  • Meteoric in origin

    Here's what the objects look like outside their biological cocoons. These objects turned out to be meteoric in origin.
  • California 1996

    Second set of 3 surgeries performed on May 18, 1996. Here I am performing hypnotic anesthesia on the patient. She has no other medication or anesthesia. The MD we hired, freaked completely out.
  • Work your magic

    The three doctors, were a bit disturbed because one of the patients was experiencing extreme anxiety. They were not sure he would continue with into the surgery. They asked me to "work your magic on this guy”. Once the patient told me that he definitely wanted to go through the surgery, I told him I can fix this. He said okay So I did what is called as an instantaneous induction. In less than two seconds he was in a deep sleep, and then I took him into a state called the Esdale State altered consciousness. It is sometimes referred to as the coma state. You don't feel anything.
  • Prepping Patient

    I am prepping the patient before surgery.
  • Evidence

    Witnesses included: the late sgt. major Bob Dean, Dale Musser (handled all the evidence for me), the Japanese news media, and many others.
  • BRASIL 1980’s

    Here is the original x-ray, looking from the bottom of the jaw toward the top of the head. The implanted object is clear.
  • Arm Implant

    Now my Contactee has one implanted in her arm. It's easily felt, and quite solid. It reportedly, will not show up on x-ray! This person is my next surgical candidate in that country. This person is also dear friend.

    These are two of eight gold spheres, ejected from the nasal passage of a little girl. This implanted contact happen on two occasions to the young girl. The results for studied at a major university. The metallurgist was more than surprised at what he found. He spoke to me very privately about these implants.
  • New Delhi, India, 2015

    The white Little object above the abductees clavicle, is the location of this implant. Of all the story is quite remarkable, the Indian surgeon, along with me, agreed the other two objects in the subject, are far more interesting. We hope to remove those a later time when we can afford the trip back to India.
  • Biological containment

    Here is the fascinating biological containment, covering the object, in the abductees clavicle area. This is just one, of three objects, in this person.
  • Brazil 2000

    This is the implanted object in the foot of the patient. The patient also was the doctors wife that took the x-rays. Remarkably, he did not see the 1 1/2” object his wife's foot. This often happens with the abductees looking for evidence. It becomes like a visual skitoma, two and abductee, sometimes. They simply can't see it even though it's in plain view.
  • Houston Texas 1992

  • Area 51 1998

    These are two of four, objects found a man's tendon in his knee. He doesn't claim to be an abductee. He just remembers missing time, and he came back with a knee injury. The surgeon was quite surprised by what he found in the men's tendon. Four tic Tac size objects, lined up in a row, they're not naturally occurring in the body. They appear to me to be some type of plastic like material? The event occurred in area 51.
  • Houston Texas 1995

    This is remarkable evidence given to me by the late dr. Karla Turner. Kandy, as her friends knew her, said that this material was studied by a forensic expert. He gave the material back to her with a stern warning, "don't ever bring anything like this to me again. That compound cannot exist in that matrix” I will continue to find out what exactly it is an he discovered that was so upsetting to him.
  • Flint Michigan 2014

    A dear friend of mine, an attorney, was largely responsible for setting this surgical intervention up, Later the doctor decided he was going to keep the object, even though everybody and signed off on everything including him. My wonderful attorney, explain the details of what that could mean to the doctor in nonlegal terms. What's this was made clear to him, give it to Mr. Sims for evaluation, the surgeon backed off, to his credit. (this is one possible way that things like this simply disappear). I thank every day for the attorney. He is a pure champion of the cause. This is an object was retrieved under a woman's knee. She and her husband are very good and honorable people. The object in my opinion was not an implant. She is not an abductee. The object appears to be an nail of some type? How I got there we don't know. All things found in people are not implants... In fact, most things found in people, are not implants. They're very rare. To say differently, is just to scare people, in my opinion, we're trying to sell something.
  • Houston Texas 1994

    One of our abductees assaulted her Captor. She tore off his "implanted eye cover”. This event happened on two occasions.
  • Worldwide from 1967 till now

    This is my collection of implants, real and fake, florescence left by the alien, and sump Bigfoot evidence. Most exciting are the two pieces of UFO related material in the collection. Those were given to me by Ben Foggin and Larry Cekander (the late Bob White's entrusted friend)