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September 22, 2016
Former Assistant Attorney General ABDUCTED BY A “WIB” WOMAN IN BLACK
January 25, 2017

Alledged kidnapping happened on Derrel Sims

My phone (brand new galaxy is screen dead)

I came home and the police were there with bobby (my brother) and david (my son)…all were stunned and happy to see me and in particular, alive”.

Bobby got a call that I had been in a car accident…and the other car car jacked me and held me for ransom.
They looked all day (no phone remember). I told bobby I was at the powwow to day and asked if he wanted to go. He didnt so he knew I was there.
They couldnt find my car (I had left to come home so the cops couldnt find me).
The carjacker (alleged) that I would be shot if the money was not paid (5k). So bobby finally said I have to hear his voice.
The carjacker told bobby he would take the tape off my mouth and shoot me at that point.
Carjacker hung up … they didnt call back (bobby thought I was dead).
Bobby called in the army of cops.
They combed the pow (made announcements for me) etc.
No one could find me. It was a perfect storm…I was in route as cops tried to page, find and look for car in lot.
I was on the way home.

All is well, cops (constables in this case) were more relieved than bobby was… good police work by them. They knew my car was not in a wreck so that was a clue I was 95% likley alive.

David and bobby hugged me as I drove up. I was wondering “whats up”?

Bottom line: this is very likely a faked kidnapping scam to extort money from the one they call. It failed and the number is not traceable. It seemed to give everyone a start since I couldnt be found all day.

David is trying to find me a pnone now.

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