3 Facts About Alien Implants:

They are extremely rare.
They are not tracking devices.
They are evolving.

In his book, Alien Hunter: Evidence and Truth About Alien Implants, you will read the truth behind alien implants, from the researcher who started it all–Derrel Sims.

Abduction researcher Derrel Sims is a pioneer in the field of alleged alien implants. He has the largest collection of alleged alien implants and artifacts to date, and each object has its own fascinating story.

Inspired by the haunting memory of his own “implantation” at the age of 12, the Alien Hunter quietly began collecting alien artifacts that allegedly came from the human body.  Some of these were surgically removed and then given to him by patients, while others were expelled naturally from the body.  Sims sees implants as a relatively rare phenomenon, perhaps affecting less than 1% of the abductee population.  Yet in 1995, he finally felt the evidence was compelling enough to formally document the removal of alleged objects from two of his most promising cases. But first…

The Predictions:

In 1994, Derrel was invited to speak at an American Medical Association conference at John Muir Medical Center in the California Bay Area. The title of his talk?  “Medical Complications of Alleged Alien Abductions.”

In front of an audience of distinguished medical personnel, he made several predictions about what we would find with regards to genuine alien implants:

  1. The objects would not contain technology.
  2. The tissue surrounding the object would not exhibit inflammation, either chronic or acute.
  3. There would be nerve cells present in parts of the body where they are not naturally occurring.
  4. Besides the metallic objects, we will begin to see a “biological implant,” a cluster of brain cells in another part of the body.

Naturally, many of the doctors in attendance told him that these situations would be highly unusual to say the least.  The surgeons who performed the 1995 surgeries he arranged said the same thing before they undertook the operations. To everyone’s surprise…

Derrel’s predictions were accurate!

Two major studies were done on the recovered objects, one by New Mexico Tech University and the other by Los Alamos Labs. The results were intriguing, though not conclusive. Blind testing done at Los Alamos Lab revealed extraterrestrial isotopes such as would be seen in a rare meteor.  Additionally, the form of the metals suggested manufacture as opposed to natural origins.  When the scientists discovered that the objects had come from a human body, they scrambled to make sense of what they had just put on record!

Possible alien implant removed during 1995 public surgeries from one of Derrel Sims’ abductees.

This set off a veritable firestorm of activity within the UFO community. Suddenly, every abductee began to believe they had an alien implant. Claims were made about the phenomena by others that were inconsistent with the evidence. Unfortunately, some of these misconceptions persist. Since those heady days of 1995, conventional implant technology has emerged, from microchips in the family dog to medical implants to dispense hormones. Still others have put forth claims of nefarious government implants, which has further clouded the issue.

Derrel’s team of medical and scientific consultants continue to study the evidence of alien implants, both in surgically removed objects and anomalous objects still in the body. Much more testing remains to be done, and Sims urges a healthy skepticism while continuing to forge ahead.